Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation

Plastic waste in the sea is one of the biggest environmental problems of our time, with the world’s oceans rapidly filling with litter.  If nothing is done now, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.  Our Swedish seas are unfortunately no exception. Ocean currents cause litter from around the world to accumulate in specific areas, forming giant islands of litter. 

In 2018, Concordia Maritime has begun a collaboration with The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation, a non-profit organisation, to increase knowledge about the state of the world’s oceans.

“Protecting the oceans is vital for everyone’s future, and as a shipping company, we have an important role here. Our sustainability work encompasses safety, transport efficiency and employer responsibility, but we also want to take clear environmental responsibility. On the basis of each organisation’s position, Keep Sweden Tidy and Concordia Maritime have a common interest in promoting a reduction in littering, and in doing so reducing the problem of plastic in the ocean,” says Ola Helgesson, CFO Concordia Maritime.

“It needs many of us to work together if we are to reverse the negative trend of all the plastic that ends up in our oceans. Concordia Maritime’s decision to both strengthen its own knowledge and participate in litter collection is good news,” says Joakim Brodahl, Operations Manager at The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation.

How much do you know about marine litter? Do the Keep Sweden Tidy quiz and find out!
Concordia Maritime has taken the initiative to work with the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation to develop an e-learning course. The aim is to spread knowledge about plastic waste in the sea and to increase the engagement of the general public and personnel.

You can test your knowledge about marine litter in the online quiz below. At the same time, you will learn more about what is the most dangerous litter for marine life and the largest source of micro plastic in the ocean. Concordia Maritime and Keep Sweden Tidy want the quiz to raise awareness and spread information about marine litter and its consequences for the environment.

Do the quiz and find out more!

Keep Sweden Tidy Day
As a partner of Keep Sweden Tidy, Concordia Maritime participates in plastic collection in a practical way. In 2018, a clean-up operation was organised in Långedrag, just outside Gothenburg. The event took place in collaboration with the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club (GKSS). Representatives from Concordia Maritime, other Stena companies, GKSS members and local residents all helped to clean the shoreline along the marina in Långedrag.



Read more about the successful cleanup day Concordia Maritime organised in Långedrag, Sweden.