The basis of sustainability work

Sustainability work at Concordia Maritime is conducted on a long-term basis and has relevance, openness and transparency as its main guiding principles. The work is monitored based on a well-­structured plan for which the CEO is ultimately responsible. The CEO is also responsible for continuous reporting to the Board.

The ongoing work is conducted in close cooperation with the partners from which Concordia Maritime purchases services relating to technical and commercial operation and manning. The work is guided by a number of internal policy documents, notably the Sustainability Policy and Code of Conduct, and is conducted in line with current regulations.


We focus on what is most important to our business and where we are most able to have an influence:

  • Safety
  • Environmental impact
  • Financial sustainability


  • Our ambition is full ­transparency.
  • However, what we report must be relevant and linked to the most important issues for our business.

Care, Innovation & performance

Our core values

  • Care and quality in everything we do
  • An innovative corporate culture helps us to perform and improve
  • First-class performance

Clear control

  • The CEO is responsible for overall coordination and ­follow-up
  • Reporting and follow-up at all ordinary board meetings
  • Quarterly status review with partners